The Essence of Success in Mechatronics

Image Excellence in any mechatronic development project can only be achieved by a team consisting of the best experts with:

 - in-depth knowledge of their own domain

 - basic understanding of adjacent domains

 - cooperation attitude & skills

Do you want to enhance your mechatronics skills & enjoy more success in projects ?

The Mechatronics Academy, located in the Brainport region Eindhoven, provides training on each of the three essential dimensions. It is run by leading experts, who combine insights from academics with many years of industrial experience, and it partners with The High Tech Institute.

The pool of trainers consists of a mix of experts from industry and university, who understand that it's not about what you tell during a training but what the participants can apply after the training. Consequently, next to the theoretical basics, interaction and practical exercises are essential parts of all courses in our applied mechatronics training curriculum.
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Latest News

Our co-founder Prof.Dr. Jan van Eijk is awarded the ASPE Lifetime Achievement Award 2021 for broad-reaching advances in precision mechatronics and for promoting the active sharing of these advances throughout the technical community. Read more....

Jan van Eijk speaks at the 2014 DSPE Conference on Precision Mechatronics Jan van Eijk speaks at the 2014 edition of te DSPE Conference on Precision Mechatronics.

The third revised edition of the book 'The Design of High Performance Mechatronics' is released. 3rd revised edition of the book 'The Design of High Performance Mechatronics'

New 3 days hands-on training Passive Damping for High Tech Systems addresses the need and solutions for additional damping in high precision systems .

Read the dutch interview of Prof. Jan van Eijk titled "Mechatronics System Design makes teams more effective and effective".

Download the OVERVIEW & 2018 SCHEDULE of all our trainings.

March 2018 edition of the the training Advanced Feedforward Control is fully booked !! An extra edition is planned for 10-12 October, 2018. .

Full day tutorial DYNAMICS & CONTROL OF MECHATRONIC SYSTEMS during the 2018 euspen conference in Venice.

June 2017 edition of training Thermal Effects in Mechatronic Systems scores > 8.7 !! .

New 3-days hands-on training Design for additive manufacturing in 3D-printing lab of Fontys in Eindhoven .

Jan van Eijk, former CTO Mechatronics at Philips, professor emeritus Advanced Mechatronics at TU Delft and partner at Mechatronics Academy, wins the Martin van den Brink Award

Tutorial The Dutch Approach to High Performance Motion Control by Maarten Steinbuch and Adrian Rankers during ASPE Spring Topical Meeting 2016, which is held at MIT/Cambridge.

Mechatronics Academy has ECP2-certificate premiere during Mechatronics training at ITRI, Taiwan.

2nd revision book The Design of High Performance Mechatronics by Robert Munnig Schmidt, Georg Schitter, Adrian Rankers and Jan van Eijk.